There is no complete cure for many disorders including autism. 

Dr Kondekar is a neurodevelopmental and behavioral  pediatrician, being available for parents and kids suffering from autism, adhd, cerebral palsy, conduct disorders, learning disability and other behavioral and developmental disorders; helps then understand the issues and help enable the kid towards development of learning, attention, focus, behaviour, communication, speech, language, locomotion and improving scholastic / academic performance; eventually contributing towards the personality of the child through life skills, manners, habits, stories and cultural / moral values of life. Dr Kondekar is available in Mumbai at Nair hospital for autism kids, Aaakaar Clinic Byculla west and also providing services at Vashi, Nashik, Sangli, Pune, Delhi Bengaluru, Kolkata, Goa, Bhubaneshar, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Jabalpur; and to a vast number of parents through video consultations.

Online appt We can plan or prepone today or tmrw. Send payment to 9869405747 any mode. Or other payment details at website.You may also book in advance at website. www.autismdoctor.inFor clinic appointment ask with date and time.Payment details at QR code at www.autismdrmumbai.comnew case 2500/-Old case 1500/-Video call whatsapp or botim,for bank account details                          Name of child-Date of birth-City-Last prescription copy-Current issues-                                           paypal link
Please if possible fill the two forms , form 1 and form 2 below and send the filled report copy paste as whatsapp to 9869405747 and for free genetic counselling and advice for genetic test, click here  Visit bottom of page for payment. QR code After 2013, the revision of criteria is made to call is DSM V Diagnostic Criteria for autism, see form 2 link above. Accordingly we have devised a scoring system and classification for autism, click here for same.DSM 4 based scoring system for self use and understandingDSM 5 based scoring system for self use and understandingCARS score free evaluation add your case result here